Essentia offers impeccable products augmented with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.


We are Essentia Corp, a manufacturing and exporting company founded with the main objective of providing impeccable products, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technology to all our customers locally and globally. As a result of our constant evolution and uncompromising integrity, today Essentia is a reliable catalyst in supply of various products and supplies.

As part of our global trading business, we indulge in buying, selling, importing, exporting, merchandising, offshore trading, and acting as agents for purchase and sale of multifarious products that represent the state-of-the-art in various important areas. Customers of the products supplied by Essentia are convinced not only by world-class quality in presentation and perfection in manufacture, but also in their unparalleled efficacy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to help enhance and transform the lives of people around the world.

Our Mission
To consistently provide impeccable products, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding services to the global market.

Our Vision
To become the preferred manufacturer and supplier of technology inspired products and solutions.

Our Values
Integrity: In all our dealings, we act with honesty and sincerity.
Customer-centricity: At every stage of the customer journey, we foster a positive customer experience and offer complete peace of mind.
Passion: Every step of the way, we passionately move forward by innovating and improving.


We are a distributor of various PPE items and surgical supplies such medical coveralls, surgical gowns, surgical masks, respirator masks, N95 masks, nitrile examination gloves, latex gloves, hand sanitizers, surgical tapes and bandages, paramedic supplies and hospital disposables.

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Our "Reusable Antiviral Masks" use an intelligent European textile technology that has been tested effective in over 99% reduction of deadly viruses. They also offer activated cooling by reacting to your body temperature and sweat level to keep you cool and comfortable.

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At Essentia, we constantly strive to help healthcare facilities and providers achieve both clinical and financial success in an environment that demands lower costs and better outcomes. We are a leading supplier of medical refrigerators, laryngoscopes, ventilators, and in-vitro diagnostic equipment.

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Essentia is a leading supplier of various innovative pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, antibiotics and therapeutics. We also supply various other pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics, antibacterials, anti-inflammatories, multivitamins, and supplements.

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We pride ourselves on superb customer satisfaction and a great working relationship with each and every customer. Please contact us to learn more about our products and services.